Henry Stern in Senate District 27


Last Sunday morning, Katie announced that we were going to a brunch to meet Henry Stern who is running for the state Senate in District 27. I wondered why we were not going for our traditional Sunday morning hike in the mountains. She explained this was to save the mountains, so I said ok.

As a little background, Katie and I met in 2000 when she was the campaign manager for Fran Pavley’s very first race for the California legislature. Fran is one of several who take full credit for our marriage. Since being elected, Fran has been the leader of nearly every successful legislative effort to rein in greenhouse gases, regulate fracking, reduce harmful auto emissions, develop clean energy and is now working on the Porter Ranch gas leaks. She is termed out this fall and Henry is running to succeed her.

Henry Stern has been Fran’s senior policy adviser on these environmental measures, before that he worked for Congressman Henry Waxman on environmental issues in DC, was an attorney representing juveniles in trouble and earlier still was a teacher in inner city schools.  

Listening I was wowed by his combination of humor, passion and deep policy smarts – not just on the environment, but on education, energy, juvenile justice and economic development.

If you are in Fran’s Senate District 27, check out Henry Stern at http://www.henrysternforsenate.com/ He needs all of our support in the primary coming up on June 7. The district runs from the Pacific Coast in Topanga and Mailbu, up over the Santa Monica Mountains, across the San Fernando Valley, over the next mountains and down into Santa Clarita. It encompasses both the western end of Los Angeles County and the eastern end of Ventura County.

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