Thanks for the Giving Organizations

Thanks for the Giving Organizations


As the papers and TV shows are filled with the detestable behavior of some politicians, media figures, comedians, entertainers and business leaders, we forget and may too often overlook the incredible day-to-day contributions of great organizations to our lives and our communities. For Thanksgiving, I want to remember and thank three that are close to my heart: Vision y Compromiso, the Saint Joseph’s Center and Speak UP. I hope you will each remember and thank those givers who are most important and closest to you.

Vision y Compromiso is a network of over 5,000 promotoras throughout California and neighboring states that works with low income Spanish speaking communities on health, wellness, community building, educational and economic opportunities. Its leader is Maria Lemus.

Saint Joseph’s Center is a multi-service organization based in Venice and South Los Angeles that works with low income residents on homelessness, affordable housing, vocational training, early childhood education, behavioral health care. Its leader is VaLecia Adams Kellum.

Speak UP is a brand new organization working for better educational opportunities for all children in Los Angeles public schools. Its focus is to put the school children first, to empower parent participation in the education of their children and to assure accountability of educators to achieve first class educational achievement for all our children. Its leader is Katie Braude.


Prepared by: Lucien Wulsin

Dated: 11/22/17


Thanks to all of you! Enjoy the Holiday that Commemorates All the Work You Have Done.

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