Why I’m Picking Nick Melvoin In The LAUSD Board District 4 Race And Hope You Will Too

Why I’m Picking Nick Melvoin In The LAUSD Board District 4 Race And Hope You Will Too


Eight years ago, I voted for Steve Zimmer believing he’d be a breath of fresh air for LA’s school children; boy was I proved wrong. He’s been on the wrong side of so many issues I care deeply about – opposing better accountability for the District’s failing schools, increasing fiscal irresponsibility for unfunded employee and retiree pensions, denying authorization and renewals of qualified charter schools, and increasing funding for a bloated, unresponsive central bureaucracy. I’ll give you just one glaring example: LAUSD has been plagued by very low graduation rates; Zimmer’s solution was to reduce the requirements to graduate in the core subjects from a C to a D. The problem is that high school graduates with a D in the core subjects are not eligible to enroll in California’s UC and Cal State systems. I’m not prepared to give him another 5 and ½ year term. We need new blood and a fresh attitude that puts the kids first on the LA School Board.

Nick Melvoin has been that voice in the five campaign debates I’ve attended; he’s clear, he’s concise; he has studied and researched the issues, and he knows them from personal experience working in the school system. http://www.nickmelvoin.com/issues/ Nick taught in the LAUSD schools in Watts, worked in the Obama White House, got advanced degrees in education policy and law and worked for the US Attorney’s office on civil rights. http://www.nickmelvoin.com/ He has been endorsed by Obama’s Secretary of Education, Arnie Duncan, by Senator Barbara Boxer, by LA Mayors Villaraigosa and Riordan who fought hard for local school reforms and by the LA Times. Most importantly for me, he has been endorsed by Speak Up, which Katie Braude founded as a voice for parents who want their elected officials to put children first. http://speakupparents.org/

I hope you will vote on Tuesday May 16 or before if possible by mail and will encourage all your friends and colleagues in Board District 4 to do so. Recent presidential election results show what happens when we are apathetic and think our voices, our choices and our votes make no difference.


Pick Nick!


Prepared by: Lucien Wulsin

Dated: 5/4/17

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