Deb Haaland for Congress

Deb Haaland


Our long time friend Deb Haaland is running for Congress in the New Mexico First Congressional District. If elected, she will be the first Native American woman elected to Congress. We have known her for nearly 20 years as she raised her amazing daughter, graduated from Law School, ran marathons, returned to New Mexico and immersed herself in helping her tribe, leading Native American involvement in local, state and national politics, and heading up the New Mexico Democratic Party.

The incumbent, Michelle Lujan Grisham, is retiring from Congress to run for New Mexico Governor.,_2018_Democratic_primary) Deb would be a fabulous Congresswoman; she is tough, she is smart, she is effective, she’s a coalition builder, and she is driven to make this nation a far better place for all of us. Her policies are in the right space on health care, education, energy, civil rights, and economic development. We hope you will  support her as much as you are able.



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