Cory Booker for President

Cory Booker for President


We have a wealth of strong Democratic candidates to consider for 2020. So far I find Cory Booker the most accomplished, most inspirational, the gutsiest and most in touch with the directions our nation needs to move. Honestly, I know very little about him and its from across the country, so this is highly impressionistic, but it leaves me wanting to hear more.


After graduating Stanford and becoming a Rhodes scholar, he moved into inner city Newark, ultimately defeated the corrupt incumbent, and took on the challenges of turning the city around. Most importantly he succeeded where so many before had failed. He has a history of accomplishment on the vital issues from economic development, improvements in public schools, a better criminal justice system, cleaning up local corruption and development of more affordable housing.


He leads from a place of love, inclusiveness and unflinching courage. He went into a burning building to rescue a woman. He was hands-on and no nonsense as a mayor. He has been a very effective Senator, most recently achieving criminal justice reforms and opportunity zones in bipartisan fashion.


Lucien Wulsin



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