LAUSD School Board Election on Tuesday, March 5 Allison Bajracharya for LAUSD Board District 5

LAUSD School Board Election on Tuesday, March 5

Allison Bajracharya for LAUSD Board District 5


There are a lot of candidates running to succeed Ref Rodriquez in LAUSD Board District 5.


The problem is it’s a special election, and very few people vote in special elections, so learn about the candidates, do vote for the one you think can best make a difference in educating our children. We need a fearless, dynamic and effective leader for all children. I hope you’ll consider Allison Bajracharya.


Allison Bajracharya is a LAUSD parent, an education advocate and an educator with 18 years experience in public schools as a teacher and administrator in LA and New Orleans. I have met her on numerous occasions; she is thoughtful and passionate about improving education for every public school child. Most recently, Allison was the Chief Operations Officer for Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, an organization serving 3600 students across eight schools in the MacArthur Park neighborhood – one of the most under-resourced and densely populated neighborhoods in Los Angeles.  She is endorsed by Students for Education Reform and many local school parents, educators and community leaders.


Heather Repenning is a LAUSD parent who has worked for LA Mayor Eric Garcetti for the past decade. She is endorsed by Mayor Garcetti and by SEIU Local 99, which represents school district employees.


Cynthia Gonzalez is a principal at LAUSD who has been working in public education for the past 17 years. She is a public school parent, teacher and administrator. She is endorsed by the LA Times, Latinas Lead, and the Association of School Administrators of LA.


Ana Cubas is a professor at East LA Community College and endorsed by a number of local elected officials.


Jackie Goldberg is a retired teacher, past member of the LAUSD board (1983-91), City Council member and State Assembly member. She is endorsed by UTLA (United Teachers of Los Angeles).  She is strongly and vocally opposed to LAUSD’s public non-profit charter schools.


Grace Ortiz is a school attendance counselor at LAUSD, a social worker and a Huntington Park City Council member. She is endorsed by the LA School Police Association and the Association of School Attendance Counselors of LA.

Prepared by: Lucien Wulsin

Dated: 2/28/19